The man alliance gold or silver

Here are some recommandations before buying your alliance in gold :
Because we know how much this time of your life is important, we do our best to help you and advice you in your choice of your alliance. We try to propose you rings of quality, made in Paris, that will feat to your desires.
We advice you to refer to the size of your ring of engagement so that you don't make any mistake for your alliance in gold.
We propose you alliance in gold white, gold yeallow and gold pink, in palladium or platinum. A large choice to satisfy your desires. To the ring to the simple one to the most sophisticated, tell us your desires and we'll do our best to fill you !
An alliance is a ring that we keep during all life, so it is important to think well before choosing it. An alliance is not a fashion jewelry, she will be part of all the tendances so wear a choice in a style that you will love during all your life.
If you have a ring of engagement, You can match your alliance with it. If you have a ring of engagement decorated of an imposing stone, we advice you to opt for an alliance thinner. In the contrary if your ring of engagement est discrète or if you want to wear your alliance alone,you can direct your choice towards one more original and make pleasure to you !
The confort is also important, this is why we advice you to try different models and to wear it writing a little word on it. This is an excellent test to see if you are at ease with it or not.
Gold White Gold Yellow Gold pink The man alliance - the ring. Your life will take a turn the day of your wedding. The jewelry has to be unique, made of quality and guaranted by a jeweler.
The union with a woman that you choose have to be the color of the gold. Les alliances are declined in different largers and different colors of gold, silver and platinum. The gold is made of 18 carats with 750 thousandths. Dans les collections de métaux précieux you can have grey colors ,yellow,roses and blacks. For this, you can just determine the larger of the ring of the man that will fit the best to his fingers and to determine well the size of the man ring that will be the best for you. You'll also be able to determine the choice of the gold or the platinum of the man alliance .
The price of the ring depends on the weight of the gold. For every larger of rings and depending on the finger there can be prices changes.
In order to personalize your ring, DiamantsetCarats offers you the engraving. You will be able to write the message of your choice to make your alliances unique.

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