Men rings in gold or silver

Discover our range of weeding rings in gold.

In our modern man jeweler, you will find this large line of men rings gold and silver very manly. You will also notice that we created a manly style with diamonds and sapphires.

Our collections of gold rings for men is also created in platinum.

In the occasion of an anniversary you will be able to offer it as a gift.

The larger of the ring gives the idea of the manly style of the models. 

Our models can be combined with our bracelets in gold and leather. A ring in steel or titanium can not replace the Saxomen ring.

You can notice that the rings are set with black diamonds.

Our ring line is the derivative of our range of gold rings in 750 thousandths.

Look on the plan and come to see us at our parisian address if you can. Compare the prices.

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