Bracelets men gold or silver

The bracelet for men in gold.

In the universe of jewelry, the bracelet has a particular place. The links are in leather with claps and marine carabiners. In order that the style of your wrist stays in the universe of the brand, it is nonetheless a manly gift.

A wide collection of leather bracelets is presented to you. The products and the models are exclusively for men in gold 18 carats or 750 thousandths. Our galery of male bracelets of different sizes are really tendancy.

Looking at the woman wearing jewelry at the wrist, it gave men desire to wear it too. There is not just beauty in this universe of jewerly. Taste and elegance are really present. Our price selection of bracelets black gold and silver is really delicate.

The different bracelets for men.

A few times ago, presents for teenagers were the famous bracelets in metals such as gold and silver. Our collections in a contemporary and sober style have an interesting value money. Opt for a marine look or a bangle.

We have created bracelets with gold without using steel. We can also notice that we made all bracelets with claps in gold to make it elegant and refined.  

The marin bracelet tackles a chic and sport style. Made of leather and gold yellow 18 carats 750 thousandths in our jewelry in Paris. 

A classical and simple model to wear in all occasions. One day, I wanted to buy a bracelet in gold. The size of my wrist was 20 centimeters. Like all the women, men are used to wear jeans et the ones who have taste want a jewelry in leather.

The men universe of clothes let us choose to wear accessories presents in metal tels like chains, watches, and rings. Our brand proposes a large selection of tendancy products in gold and black reserved for chic dresses.

What kind of bracelet swits you the most ?

The bracelets stitch curbs that are in silver and and herringbone mesh. These are bracelets that were during many years reserved to young men for their anniversary of puberty. The success of this bracelet in gold yellow herringbone mesh comes from the fact that in the 70/80, yellow gold was particularly fashionable.

Today, we appreciate the bangles bracelets in gold white 18 carats and silver.

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