"Before story and legend, I would always choose the legend."

John Ford


Enter the legend :At Saxomen, we are all okay to say that the look we show is important. 

By the choice of nobel materials like platinum, gold or silver, we managed to create a real image for our rings.

I would like to talk to you about our rings and especially our signet rings.

The forms are massive and in the air of time.

La mode des tatouages make that men desire to wear rings, don't hesitate to choose for audacious models. The important is to reveal the man's hand and especially his fingers.

Today, men don't need a costume to be actif. A jacket or a teeshirt are okay.

We are going to create your legend with strong and manly jewelrs.

You don't want to just appear, you want to be.

And a wonderful ring will be perfect.

The CEO and Saxomen staff

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